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I- M’AthCloud©

This application is now available for Physician , and Clinical Trials at  www.ipsocloud.com

It is an Advanced  tool for large multicentre data bases and a new efficient tool for Arterial Health examination and Studies M’AthCloud can be installed on a local or remote server in hospitals, large medical centres or CROs

The subscription and use are simple :

Data safety confidentiality is ensured by encryption of patient and image data transferred, and a username and password to get access to the Saas Application service.


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M’AthCloud ® allows you to make directly on the web the measurements of the intima-media and plaque thickness and area, and to get an examination report taking into account known reference values adjusted on age and sex and available for different countries

II- M’Ath©

M’Ath® is a dedicated software for IMT (Intima Media Thickness), plaque and stenosis degree measurement on images obtained from any ultrasound device. This quantification tool can also provide real time measurement on video sequences (Distensibility and arterial stiffness).

M’Ath® software runs under Windows 8 and 10. Two versions are available : M’Ath® Std and M’ath®SR. Languages are French, English and Italian

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