Our Vision


Primordial Prevention and 5P Medicine when it comes to Arterial Health, and focus on detecting undiagnosed Cardio Vascular risk factors in order to enable an early treatment  for those, before they may lead to a clinical event.

Arterial aging, potentially worsened by traditional risk factors such as arterial hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and tobacco consumption is a natural process which may silently and progressively harm carotid, coronary and lower limbs arteries leading to atherosclerosis disease and neuro cardio vascular events.

20 to 50% of the population have undiagnosed risk factors of atherosclerosis. Intima media thickness is an Arterial Health biomarker and phenotype

Diagnosis and treatment of the main CV risk factors are poorly controlled, leading to underestimate of their prevalence.

Intima media thickening and/orplaque presence on carotid arteries are silent biomarkers, that are significantly associated to the main cardio vascular risk factors. They can be identified with a simple ultrasound test. The higher the IMT, the higher the number of cardio vascular risk factors. This phenotype helps to select individuals at risk of undiagnosed hypertension and exposed to myocardial infarction and stroke.

WHO (World Health Organisation), taking into account the cardio vascular pandemic states that “people with cardiovascular disease or who are at high cardiovascular risk need early detection and management using predictive and precision medicine, as appropriate”.

We are convinced that Arterial Health testing in general population aged 40 to 60 would enable early individual prevention, detection of undiagnosed risk factors and support developing personalized medicine to control the risk factors of atherosclerosis and prevent clinical event.

We developed a web based solution to deploy efficiently such testing for physicians and campaigns focused on IMT and/or plaque presence.  


Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Studies : M’AthCloud , a dedicated Tool

Safety and efficacy of new drugs are to be demonstrated to be allowed for market introduction. 

We offer accurate and cost effective new web based solutions to increase the power of multi centers studies including Data acquisition, measurements and management of large prospective or cross sectional studies aiming at evaluate vascular effects of new drugs.