Intelligence in Medical Technologies is a Medical software company dedicated to Innovation in Vascular imaging Analysis and Processing

Neuro-Cardio Vascular diseases are the first cause of death in the world

People with Neuro-Cardio-Vascular disease or who are at high cardiovascular risk need early detection and management using predictive and precision medicine, as appropriate.

18M deaths per year in the world

€38 Bn costs /year in EU

Global costs to increase to €1,000 Bn by 2030

Our Vision

Primordial Prevention and 5P Medicine when it comes to Arterial Health, and focus on detecting undiagnosed Cardio Vascular risk factors in order to enable an early treatment  for those, before they may lead to a clinical event.

Arterial aging, worsened by traditional risk factors such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and tobacco consumption is a natural process which may silently and progressively harm carotid, coronary and lower limbs arteries leading to atherosclerosis disease and neuro cardio vascular events.

Our Experience

For over 10 years we have been participating in large epidemiological and interventional trials whether they’ve been cross-sectionnal or prospective. The table below shows the importance of these studies gathering more than: 25 000 patients more than 600 operating centers.

Our Services and Products

M’AthCloud© & M’Ath©

With a large experience in Clinical trials, we have designed tools to improve Data acquisition and management. We invite you to discover them on the page below.

Corelab activities for Clinical Trials

Sonographer certification is a major step in all the ultrasound studies. Our experience on training and certification is…

Our products (Vascular Medical Imaging Softwares) have regulatory clearance, and are available on the European and North American markets.

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