Atherosclerosis a silent but deleterious disease can be early detected . Accurate vascular biomarkers as Carotid intima media thickness and plaques, can help to the characterise the individuals at moderate or high risk of MI or Stroke.

Intelligence in Medical Technology offers services for early detection of carotid atherosclerosis  .
M’Ath Software, a dedicated software for Intima media thickness, Plaque and Stenosis measurements is used by sonographers in clinical research and practice and by Corelabs in clinical trials. The  analysis of video clips allows IMT measurements at any time of the cardiac cycle without EKG.

We provide Ultra Portable Ultrasound devices with high performance which allows ambulatory diagnosis of carotid and femoral disease. You will have more information and details in the menu section.

Our company has 15 years expertise in carotid ultrasonography and Central reading activities of carotid ultrasound data.

Do not hesitate to call our consultant for the drafting of a protocol on vascular imaging. We also offer video or on site trainings to sonographers for carotid ultrasound practice and analyses.